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Gerhard Heckmann: an experienced Online/Offline Communications, PR & Marketing Professional with a fair knowledge and a proven track record in Strategical Communications, PR, Marketing, Marketing Communications, Technical Writing, Project Management, Fairs and Exhibitions, Event Management, Agency briefing and Sales Promotion.

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Personal details

Gerhard Heckmann
D-79206 Breisach am Rhein
Deutschland / Allemagne / Germany

Born in 1962, German citizen
Married - two sons

Member of the German Journalists' Association (DJV) since 1990

Hobbies: Cooking (preferably Mediterranean cuisine), mechanical wrist watches, photography, Karate

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Günter Mallmann (6 kB) Do not miss the web presence of my journalist colleague Günter Mallmann, a professional writer with a solid journalistic education and more than two decades of experience in editorial work, PR and communication consultancy gained in several industries and numerous international appointments. Günter's actual focus is on Industry including but not limited to IT and Telecommunications; Trade, Finance, Administrations and NGO's.

Learn more about his style and the companies that already took advantage from his work by reading through some samples.

Go and check out the pages of Alisha Lehman-Wansing, Freelance Designer for Interactive Media, Print Media and Artwork. Her outstanding references are always worth more than one look!

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